30 Cm Weighted Training Cones 4-Pack Modular - Orange

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Our football designers developed these modular weighted cones to facilitate and enrich your training. Combine them with marker bars and vary your exercises!

Do you enjoy varied and specific training sessions? Discover our modular cones: their notches allow the marker bars to be fixed at multiple heights to vary the exercises.

The cones stay in place and don't fall over thanks to their weighted base.

Vary your exercises: the cones are compatible with the Modular marker bars.

Your bases are made to last, even when trampled on and shot at.

The Modular range and our take on the weighted Modular cones.

Using our field observations and through discussions with coaches, we were able to note various needs when laying out exercises Mark out, target, avoid... Our Modular accessories range is the answer to these problemsthese products are compatible with each other, allowing you to increase and vary your exercises thanks to simple and ingenious technical solutions.

What are the modular accessories?

The first arrivals in the Modular range, these cones are compatible with the 90cm modular marker bars thanks to their notches. Attach your marker bars at different heights, horizontally or vertically, and combine several cones and marker bars to vary, diversify and customise your exercises.In addition to developing more ific training exercises, the simple, intuitive at of the modular range will save you time modify your exercise with just a few moves!

A unique design for ific training sessions

Thanks to its weighted base, three times heavier than normal, the cones don't fall over even when hit hard.Grooves on the surface of the base in contact with the turf catch on blades of grass like a comb, to prevent the cone moving in the event of contact.The notches on the base allow you to add a marker bar vertically or at two different heights horizontally, allowing a size 5 ball to pass underneath.s4

A weighted cone for more effective training

The Modular range allows you to vary, adapt and customise your exercises according to your needs and your imagination. They can offer new possibilities even when used on their own. Such as? With their weighted base, they improve the quality of your ball control exercises the cone doesn't move and doesn't fall over in the event of contact. No need to spend your training sessions moving cones! You'll save time and improve play quality.s5

Our design team tells the story of the Modular range

We knew that cones would be the basis of the entire modular range. There were lots of prototypes, feedback, then indoor and field tests, focusing on the durability of the . We wanted to make successful training sessions more accessible. With the modular range, you can adapt your training to all ages and all levels you can use the same exercises and make them simpler or more advanced according to the combination.s6

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The Decathlon Coach app was created to let users follow training programs written by certified coaches. In addition to running and walking, the app now offers ific football training programmes that support and coach you through individual training sessions. Download the free app at https//www.decathloncoach.com/fr/home/


Base,Polypropylene: 100%
Main part,Polyethylene Low Density: 100%

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