Extra Large Keepdry 500 Adlts' Football Long-Sleeved Base Layer, Black

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Our football design team created the KEEPDRY 500 base layer top to meet the needs of not only footballers, but all those exercising in cold conditions.

The Keepdry 500 base layer is most effective as your first of multiple layers and is ideal for sub 0 temperatures. The breathable material helps to reduce sweat build up, keeping you both warm and dry

This base layer protects from cold and amplifies the body's heat regulation.

The material eliminates perspiration, and keeps the skin dry and the body warm.

Reduced chafing
The seamless knit reduces sources of irritation.

Ease of use
Thanks to your reviews, the thumb hole was altered. It stays closed on the arm.

Abrasion resistance
The elbow is thicker in order to reduce impacts with the ground during tackles.

Freedom of movement
The 4-way stretch fabric provides a second skin effect.

Why do we recommend healthy habits that are good for your body, when wearing a technical base layer?

The base layer is an insulating layer that retains heatIt also absorbs moisture, leaving your skin dry by wicking away moisture. In this way it contributes to the natural phenomenon of your body, that regulates its internal temperature during physical activity, keeping it at 37آ°C, in cold as well as in hot weather. They also dry very quickly.Consequently, it repeats this moisture elimination process over a long period of time so that you can play for longer in total comfort.,

The opinion of the design team

We are aware of your needs and have targeted our response for more advanced footballers. When playing sport, the pace of the game speeds up with greater fluctuations in intensity. The clothing must be ultra-breathable, in order to regulate your temperature during the more intense phases of the game. The fit of the base layer must also be snug so that it can quickly absorb perspiration while keeping the body warm.,

Effective temperature regulation

The combination of the material and the Seamless technology produces excellent thermal regulation for playing at a fast pace without getting cold. For the product to have maximum efficiency, it must be worn touching the skin, like a second skin.,

Our field tests in a climate chamber

Our range of technical base layers was tested in a climate chamber with a group of 30 sportsmen and women in January 2020. This system makes it possible to run through the tests under identical weather conditions (temperature, wind). According to a specific protocol, our certification cell validated the rating, by assessing the capacity to keep the skin dry, retain body heat and prevent shivering. 1. Keepdry 5002. Keepdry 1003. Benchmark rival product.,

A largely European production

All of the Keepdry 500 products are largely made in Europe. We work with Italian and Turkish industrialists that specialise in seamless knit products.,

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Main fabric,Elasthane: 03%,Polyamide: 30%,Polyester: 67%

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