Size 3 First Kick Football Ages 8 To 12 - Blue

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players learning the technical moves of football.

Looking for a ball to get started on the pitch? We have created the First Kick football with a high quality bounce to make it ideal for learning to play.

Resists up to 2500 SHOTS against an inclined flat surface at 50 km/h.

31 panels with 2 laminate layers combined with mixed butyl+latex bladder


It's important that young footballers use a ball that's the right size, no matter their age. This is why our design teams have developed the First Kick.Size 3 for children younger than 8Size 4 for children aged 8 to 12Size 5 for all other ages.


Between 68.5 and 69.5 g (Size 5)Between 63.5 and 66 g (Size 4)Between 60.5 and 62.5 g (Size 3)


Average measured variation maximum of 2%s4

Maximum pressure loss

25% in 72 hours.s5

Maximum water absorption

15% (test carried out in 2 cm of water with 250 compressions and constant rotation of the ball).s6


Between 125 and 155 cm with a maximum difference of 10 cm between the ball's highest and lowest bounce. Each ball is dropped 10 times on a steel plate from 2 meters in height.s7

Shape and pressure retention

Resists up to 2000 shots against an inclined concrete slab at 50 km/h at a distance of 2.5 m.Maximum increase in circumference of 1.5 cm.Maximum spherical variation of 1.5% and maximum change in pressure of 0.1 bar.s8


Between 420 and 445 g (Size 5)Between 350 and 390 g (Size 4)Between 310 and 340 g (Size 3)


Outcover,Polyvinyl Chloride: 100%
Bladder,Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex: 70%,Rubber - Butadiene Rubber: 30%
Backing,Acetate: 33%,Polyester: 67%

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