EU 43-44 fun fitness Shoes, Light Blue

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Designed for Gentle Aqua aerobics and high-intensity Aquafitness activities.

These aquafitness shoes protect your feet during your aquafitness sessions!

The non-slip sole lets you do your exercises without losing grip.

Water drainage
The water escapes easily as you move and when getting out of the water.

Anatomic design
Soft and supple stretch material that protects your feet from rough floors.

Easy dressing
The stretch material of the shoes makes them easier to get on and off.


Aquafitness activities are a great way to combine relaxation at the pool and the benefits of sport. The risks of injury associated with aquafitness are minimal. Gentle aquafitness offers relaxing activities and light strength training. Aquafitness is performed upright during exercises, you should feel well supported. This is why Nabaiji swimsuits offer you various bust support solutions.


Aquafitness is a faster-paced version of aqua aerobics. Doing aquafitness regularly has countless benefits on the body. Simply being in contact with the water helps you to relax and feel good in yourself. The advantage of this practice is that it carries no risk of injury and causes very little muscle stiffness. It allows both gentle muscular toning as we work the entire body and cardio vascular training.


An aquabike is a pool-based version of an exercise bike. This intense sport has many benefits including strength training and cardiovascular workout. The Nabaiji aquabiking range includes swimsuits ensuring good bust support. The material is chlorine resistant, allowing you to practice your pool activities as often as you like.s4


Aquajump is a fun cardio activity where you bounce on a trampoline in the water, to the rhythm of up-tempo music to work out your legs and abs, and shape your glutes.s5


Aquaboxing is the water-based version of combat sports. It takes its inspiration from martial arts. During this activity, you are in the water up to your shoulders.An aquaboxing session is composed of boxing moves punching and kicking in the water.s6


Aquafit is an activity consisting of a variety of water-based workshops to maximise the effectiveness of your session in the water and target different areas of your body, while enjoying the benefits of the water. The session can combine several aquafitness exercises such as aquabiking, aquajump and aquabody (high-intensity aquafitness that often uses a water resistance accessory such as weights, dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.).s7

Why use aquafitness shoes?

Whatever your aquafitness activity, stay focused on your practice! With their non-slip soles, you will feel confident and safe. These grippy shoes reduce the risk of slipping in the pool while you exercise and protect your feet from rubbing on the bottom of the pool.Wearing shoes during aquabiking sessions reduces friction on the pedals and gives you better grip.


Upper of,Polyvinyl Chloride: 100%
Outer sole of,Polyvinyl Chloride: 100%
Lining and sock of,Polyvinyl Chloride: 100%

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