Nutrapet Crinkle Shields

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This makes it very suitable for heavy chewers who typically tear toys quickly. The dog companion of heavy chewers is durable and provides a lasting source of pleasure for your dog.

This indestructible and sturdy dog toy is designed to satisfy your dog's natural chewing instinct, while also being gentle with their teeth and gums. Whether your puppy enjoys playing with objects or embracing soft toys, our indestructible and sturdy bear dog toys can meet your needs.

Have your dog entertain with a heavy chewer's dog companion for several hours. This indestructible and sturdy dog toy is designed to maintain your dog's interest, making it a great way to maintain mental stimulation.

Dog plush toys contain sound sacs, which make a squeaking sound when bitten, attracting the dog's attention and allowing them to find more interest. The squeaking toy of a dog will allow the dog to enjoy its own fun even when alone at home.

Due to its durability, this toy has a much longer lifespan than standard dog toys, which can save you money in the long run. Choose a dog companion for heavy chewers to obtain both practical and fun toys.

Material: plush

Size: 31 x 20cm

Color: orange, yellow, grey, green

Weight: 0.192KG

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Nutrapet Crinkle Shields
Nutrapet Crinkle Shields
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