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4 R300 Size 4 Rugby Ball, Snow White

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We have designed this ball for training at home and with your club. Available in size 4 for 10 to 14-year-olds

Technical details

Not all of our balls are made in the same way. A ball's panels can be machine stitched or hand-stitched.Every ball in the 100 range is hand-stitched. This ensures better resistance to wear, better shape retention, and improved performance (grip and eially trajectory).

A ball designed for playing regularly.

This ball is ideal for regular use (training and matches). It will continue to be well suited to players as they learn to pass and catch, and get started with kicks. Its density helps trajectories hold when kicked by young players (ages 10-14). It is hand-stitched, ensuring lasting resistance to wear. The quality bladder ensures it holds air pressure longer.

World Rugby standards.

All of our balls comply with World Rugby regulations for match use.Ball weight 410 g. Inflate to 0.7 bar.Inflation instructions are listed on the ball itself. s4

Choose the right size rugby ball.

There are different sizes of ball available.For younger children (aged 5 to 9), choose a size 3 ball lighter and easier to handle.For children aged 10 to 14, go for a size 4 ball.For anyone older than 14, choose a size 5 ball.To help you, the size is written on the ball.


Outcover,Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex: 20%,Rubber - Butadiene Rubber: 80%
Backing,Cotton: 30%,Polyester: 70%
Bladder,Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex: 40%,Rubber - Styrene Butadiene Rubber: 60%