XS Men's Surfing Short-sleeve Anti-UV Water T-Shirt, Snow White

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Our team of designers has developed a UV-protection T-shirt that is perfectly suited to surfing in warm water, for sessions lasting up to an hour

Men's UV-resistant short-sleeved T-shirt for protection from the sun, even in the water, and to limit irritation when in contact with the board. Loose fit makes it easy to put on.

Reduced chafing
Reduces rubbing against the board. 1-hour sessions.

Resitant to impact of waves
Loop to connect the bottom of the T-shirt to boardshorts. Support in waves.

Sun protection
UPF 50+ fabric. Sun protection even when wet. Blocks at least 95% of UV rays.

Easy maintenance
The textile mesh prevents grains of sand from getting stuck.

How to choose your anti-UV T-shirt (Part 1)

All of our anti-UV T-shirts are UPF 50+, i.e. they have the maximum level of sun protection. The choice between them will therefore be made based on the length of the sleeves and will depend on what it will be used for.The constraints are greatest for surfing so we decided to build our range primarily for surfing.For surfing, the choice will be made according to the duration of your sessions 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours.,

How to choose your anti-UV T-shirt (Part 2 According to the duration of the session)

1 hour Occasional activity. You can choose between a loose fit (priority to ease of dressing and comfort when dry) or a fitted cut (priority to comfort when wet). A loop system to connect it to the shorts ensures the stability of the product.2 hours Regular activity. Comfort when wet is enhanced by the seamless panels unde

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15 Customer Reviews
Saves on the sun tan cream
Loose fitting so easy to take off even when wet. Doesn't appear to have the poor elasticity of other brands.
Saves on the sun tan cream
Not tight fitting so easy to take off even when wet
Good sun cover up at a decent price
Have the long sleeve version of this also Durable,inexpensive and factor 50 protection.Excellent top.
Brilliant colour!
Make sure you try it on in-store as sizes may be larger than you think, which will impact when you're in the water (i.e. you probably want to go a size smaller). Keeps you warm, keeps you from sunburning. What more could you want in something £3-4?!?