59-62 cm Adult Boxing Open Face Headguard 900 - Black, Black

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Boxers (classic, kickboxing, Muay Thai) looking for an open face headguard for training or competition.

This open face headguard is designed for competitive use: it protects all sensitive head areas (temples, forehead and top of the head) while ensuring a natural field of vision and easy breathing.

Impact protection
The triple-density foam offers optimal protection.

Rip-tab fastening with an adjustment buckle and chinstrap.

Field of vision
Natural field of vision.

Abrasion resistance
Thick polyurethane coating for enhanced durability.

An ergonomic headguard

This headguard is suitable for all types of boxing and features an ultra-comfortable design. The ergonomic foam fits the natural curves of your face, from your ears to your chin. You'll be comfortable during all your training and matches. We also added a faux suede pad inside to enhance your comfort level. The headguard can be adjusted in two places (back and chin) for a perfect fit.

First-rate protection

With a headband that goes completely around the forehead and protection at the top of the head, this headguard offers optimal protection for all your boxing or Muay Thai matches. This lab-tested headguard has calibrated foam to absorb impacts from powerful blows (kicks, fists and elbows) from advanced boxers. It protects your face, from jaw to ears, with extra padding that prevents a suction effect.

Natural field of vision

The aim was to offer a headguard that maintains your natural field of vision, says Julien, a product manager at Outshock. This headguard ensures excellent visibility to keep you safe in the ring without hampering your reflexes.s4

Triple-density foam

With the Headguard 900, you get protection designed eially for intensive boxing and Muay Thai. For even more comfort and cushioning (for you and your partner), we created this headguard with DX3 triple-density foam- flexible inner foam provides greater comfort- stiffer intermediate foam absorbs shocks- flexible outer foam cushions your sparring partner from blowss5


Our headguard sizes are given in centimetres, which correspond to your head circumference (at the forehead).The size table is as followsSize M = 55 to 58 cm head circumference.Size L= 58 to 61 cm head circumference.s6


There are three types of headguards to choose from based on your needs-The Open Face Headguard 900 ensures excellent visibility and better heat evacuation, while providing protection of all main impact areas.-The Full Face Headguard 500 provides additional protection at the cheekbones and chin.-The Headguard 100 offers optimal protection of the entire face as it prevents contact with your opponent's glove.


Padding,Polyethylene: 20%,Foamed EVA: 40%,Polyurethane: 40%

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