EU 40 Quad 100 Adult Roller Skates

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While they may just look like sneakers with wheels, these vintage-styled quad roller skates are ideal for discovering or rediscovering your passion for gliding.

A comfortable, versatile roller skate to show your child just how fun cruising and gliding can be.

Fitting comfort
Liner with thick foam padding for superior comfort while skating.

Glide quality
Polyurethane wheels for a smoother glide. ABEC 5 bearings.

What are these adults' roller skates designed for?

The terms roller skate and quad skate are used to designate the same thing.The Quad 100 fitness quad skates are versatile for discovering/rediscovering roller skating or practising occasionally. We put comfort first during the design process. The vintage style of these wheeled shoes is a nod to roller skates from the 80s. There's no better way to reconnect with your braces years and your adolescence fashion. It's a true gift.,

What's the difference between fitness quad skates and artistic skates?

Stuck between this model and the artistic skates with a heel?We can help.Artistic quad skates, or dancing skates, are designed differently. They come up higher on the ankle, have a small heel and their brake is closer to the ground. More than anything else, their design is dictated by the sport of artistic roller skating. Fitness quad skates are a versatile skate for urban exploring, roller disco and some occasional roller dancing. Comfortable like sneakers with wheels.,

What protective gear do you need to start cruising on skates?

Like in all gliding sports, falling is just part of learning (even for experienced skaters). For maximum protection, we recommend wearing knee pads, wrist guards and a helmet at the absolute minimum. Elbow pads as well as padded shorts can also be helpful when you haven't quite figured out a little thing called balance. And even if you're not exactly stylish, your joints will thank you.,

Maintenance and repairs

Replace parts or repair your skates using spare parts available online or in the roller sports department or workshop of your local Decathlon store.After skating in water, dust or sand, remove the wheels, dry and degrease the bearings with a dry cloth. We recommend that you regularly rotate your wheels so they wear down evenly.Check out all of our maintenance tips on our Oxelo YouTube channel.,


2 kg for size 5.5, 2.3 kg for size 9,

Legal notices

Certified EN 13899 roller skates (adults weighing 100 kg max),


Upper Part - Main fabric,Ethylene Vinyl Acetate: 30,Polyester: 10,Polyurethane: 60
Chassis,Aluminium: 100
Wheels,Polyurethane: 100
Sole,Rubber - Synthetic: 100
Bearing,Steel: 100

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