Longboard Surfskate Carve 540 Bird, Mahogany

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The Carve 540 is designed for carving, with soft trucks and a stiff deck to mimic the sensation of surfing on tarmac.

This longboard is for carving and taking wide, fluid turns. It is just as good for cruising as it is for bowls and pump tracks.

83cm x 25cm board and 160mm trucks for good stability.

Ease of handling
Loose trucks for pumping and taking big angles

Rigid board (7 plies) for stability when pumping.

Trucks that give a precise ride at slow as well as fast speeds.

Glide performance
65 mm diameter wheels, 78A hardness, 44mm tread: grip and comfort.

What is a carving longboard for

Carving longboards let you move forwards by pumping, i.e. without putting your feet on the ground. The board picks up speed as it angles. And with more pronounced trucks, this longboard lets you carve your turns by pushing hard on the edges. Doing so feels like surfing, and you can imitate certain tricks such as cutbacks.,

Dimensions of the 500 carving longboard

Composition 7-ply Canadian maple.Dimensions 32.60 (83 cm) x 9.76 (24.8 cm).Flex Stiff for good stability on corners.,

Wheels & bearings

Composition 100% polyurethane.Dimensions 65 mm.Tread 44 mmHardness 78A (soft wheels designed for comfort and traction; not suitable for slides).BearingsABEC 7.,

Trucks (to mount the wheels)

160mm trucks for good stability.Loose trucks for pumping and taking big angles.They give a precise ride at slow and fast speeds.,

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