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Unique Size Freestyle Scooter MF1.8 +, Black

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Designed for intermediate riders (10 to 13 years) who want to perfect their tricks at the skatepark.

The best to learn and perfect your first tricks! Durable thanks to its monobloc fork, and practical thanks to its IHC headset.

Glide performance
100mm wheels with alu core and 88A high bounce PU rubber. ABEC 7 bearings.

Dual-thickness aluminium fork, one-piece 6061 T6 aluminium Y-bar and IHC headset

What is the difference between a freestyle scooter and a normal scooter?

The differences between a freestyle scooter and a classic scooter are similar to those between a BMX bike and a city bike.A freestyle scooter has wider handlebars and smaller wheels (making it easier to handle). Its weight is also different (it is lighter) and it is more manoeuvrable. Since the aim is to do tricks, the handlebars can do a full turn, for example.Freestyle scooters are also more rigid and sturdy.

Choosing the right size freestyle scooter

To choose the right size freestyle scooter, stand on it and check that the handlebar comes up to hip level, your arms are stretched out and your back straight.

What safety precautions should you take when doing freestyle?

You should always wear protective equipment (helmet, knee pads and elbow pads) when scootering.Most serious accidents take place during the first few months of use spend time learning the basics so that you can control your speed and brake in emergency situations in all weather conditions (particularly on wet terrain).s4

What is the deck made of?

The flat deck is made from anodised 6061 T6 aluminium. Its triple-channel structure with 4 rails provides better stability and a better slide on grinds.The deck is designed to be easy to grab when doing tricks.Dimensions 115 x 530mm.s5

What are this scooter's handlebars made from?

One-piece construction T-bar (handlebar) made from 6061 T6 aluminium with reinforced plate. The advantage of aluminium is that it's lighter than steel.Dimensions = ?? 35.6mm, H 590mm, L 500mm.Overall height 830mms6

What size are the wheels?

100mm diameter Oxelo wheels with alu core and 88A high bounce PU. The wheels are mounted on 608Z ABEC-7 NMB bearings for a long lifespan.s7

Why are there different wheel sizes?

100, 110 or 120mm? The bigger the wheel's diameter, the more stability the rider will have, which helps them go faster...The downside is the weight. A bigger wheel will be heavier and harder to manoeuvre when doing tricks. The wheel size should therefore be chosen based on your aims.s8

What type of fork does this scooter have?

Reinforced T6 aluminium fork. Fork compatible with 100 or 110 mm diameter wheels (integrated spacer system.The spacer sits between the two bearings to relieve pressure on these bearings).s9

What type of collar clamp is used?

4-screw collar clamp made from 6061 T6 aluminium.0

What is a flex brake system?

A flex brake is designed to return to its original shape after each squeeze. The main difference compared to a spring brake is that it limits vibrations. This system also stops the rubber on the wheels from wearing out so quickly.1

What kind of handle does the MF1.8 + scooter come with?

The ribbed TPR handles give you good grip.2

What rules should you follow to look after your scooter?

We recommend checking your scooter before and after each ride to ensure that there is no abnormal play and no cracks or sharp edges. The wheels and bearings are wearing parts. Remember to check them and change them if necessary.You can repair and extend the lifespan of your scooter with spare parts that can be ordered through your local Decathlon store's Workshop.


Frame,Aluminium 6061: 100%
Wheels,Polyurethane: 60%,Aluminium 6061: 40%
Packaging,Viscose: 100%
Handle,Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber: 100%
Screws,Steel: 100%
Main part,Steel: 100%

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