Philips PicoPix Max One Mobile Projector

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Built-in speaker for captivating sound
No need for extra sound system, the built-in speaker enables the performance you need in a small package.

Compact and Powerful
Compact, ultra powerful, and Apple ready. This is your perfect pocket cinema projector.

Fully Connected (HDMI, USB, USB Type-C)
Connect all your favorite devices via HDMI or USB-C Video. The USB port will let you power any smart stick like Amazon Fire TV or Roku for a truly portable experience.

Get the perfect image
Place it wherever you wish! Keystone, 4 corner correction and digital zoom help eliminate crooked and distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture even if the device is not straight in front of the wall.

Charge your smart devices via USB-C thanks to the massive battery.

True Full HD 1080p resolution
Get a captivating experience in True Full HD 1080p! Pictures and colors remain lifelike with outstanding full high definition sharpness for text.

Advanced LED Light Source
The powerful LED light source displays rich, vivid colors and will last up to 30,000 hours. You won't need to replace it, it lasts 20 years if used 4h per day! In addition, the power consumption is far lower than a regular lamp based projector: a bigger screen, an immersive experience with an eco friendly device!

Tripod mount
Built-in tripod mount to project straight in front of you or project on the ceiling for a comfortable view from your bed!
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Philips PicoPix Max One Mobile Projector
Philips PicoPix Max One Mobile Projector
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