Unique Size 8 L Pressure Solar Shower for Camping, Dark Green

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Our team of users created this camping pressure shower for showering outdoors comfortably as well as cleaning clothing.

Our motivation? To offer a solar shower solution that you do not have to hang up! The water will be pressurised even if your shower is on the ground thanks to the pumping system!

Ease of use
No need to hang the shower up: the water is pressurised using the pump.

Capacity of 8 litres.On/off button on the shower head to avoid wasting water.

Easy opening / closing
Wide opening for very easy filling and drying.

Easy transport
Carry strap and storage bag.

Compact design
Compact and easy to fold up: 44 cm x 25 cm x 10 cmStorage bag.

Very light: 900 gRigid base for more stability

Optimum temperature
Temperature indicator from 30 to 40آ°C


It is not easy to give precise heating times this depends on the sun's rays, the way in which the shower is laid out and the initial temperature of the water.As a rough guide, here are the temperatures observed after leaving the shower in the sun for an afternoon (outdoor temperature of 27آ°C)In 2 hours, the temperature increased from 24آ°C to 34آ°CIn 3 hours, the temperature increased from 24آ°C to 37.5آ°CTo heat it up more quickly, lay the shower down to increase the area exposed to the sun.


Do not leave your shower behind the windscreen of a car throughout the day in full summer to speed up the heating of the water. Our tests showed that this can heat up the water to a temperature of 80آ°C. Such high temperatures can damage the components of the shower, making them age prematurely, and, above all, be hazardous for the user.


Main fabric,Thermoplastic Polyurethane: 30%,Polyester: 70%
Handle,Polypropylene: 100%
Sole,Thermoplastic Polyurethane: 100%
Carry bag,Polyamide: 100%

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