Unique Size Kids' Hiking Pole, Deep Blue

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Our hiking designers developed this kids' pole for one-day hikes so that they can climb all types of trails

Discover this light and adjustable pole that is especially tailored to the more adventurous young user. It is the ultimate aid for reaching summits

Ergonomic grip
Soft and pleasant foam handle adapted to children's hands

Weighs only 170 g

Adjusted using a simple, very straightforward pin system: push pin

Compact design
folded length: 58 cmunfolded length: 100 cm

Option to add a summer or winter basket depending on the season

How to adjust your walking poles?

Hold the poles with your arms bent at a right angle. To adjust them press the metal button so that sections can slide in relation to each other. Repeat the operation until you reach the desired size.Here is our advice https//www.forclaz.fr/conseils/comment-bien-utiliser-le-systeme-push-pin-de-son-baton-tp_1674

Which size to choose for your child?

-> When the pole is at its minimum setting , i.e. 75 cm, this corresponds to a 100 cm tall child on average-> When the pole is at its maximum setting, i.e. 100 cm, this corresponds to a 145 cm tall childThis provides a rough indication and may vary from one child to another.

Directions for use

Before leaving always check that your poles are properly assembledWhen going downhill, or when the climb is very steep, you can make your poles longer.When climbing, use the wrist strap for support. When going downhill, it is advisable to remove the wrist strap so that the pole does not get in your way in the event of a fall.Here is our advice https//www.forclaz.fr/conseils/comment-mettre-la-dragonne-de-mon-baton-la-bonne-taille-tp_1596


Shaft,Aluminium: 100%
Handle,Polypropylene: 100%

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