Wood-Burning Camping Stove Grey

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Rest from your hike by this wood-burning stove and get ready for a toasty meal around a camp fire.

The secondary combustion of this easy-to-use wood-burning stove helps heat up your food while reducing smoke.

Very powerful, second combustion. Boiling time for 1 L of water: 10 min.

Works so long as there is wood. Reduces smoke thanks to air flow.

All types of wood with max length 15cm and max diameter 5 cm.

Ease of use
Ash pan, door to add fuel on the side, handle, case.

Highlights & Specifications


Wood-Burning Camping Stove Grey
Wood-Burning Camping Stove Grey

Precautions for use
Before use, check that you are in a location that authorises fires or barbecues. Do not used in enclosed spaces.During use, the stove will become very hot and flames will come out of the top of the product.Do not use within 5 metres of a tent or housing. Do not touch the stove with your hands when in use and when it is cooling.In windy conditions, be careful, flames will be Lr and hotter.,

How to light your stove
To light your stove, load wood into the middle component then light it (either using kindling or a fire lighter). The dryer the wood, the better the combustion.Then load gradually as the wood burns to fuel the stove.,

Secondary combustion what is it
When lighting the stove, the main combustion chamber will first generate an incomplete combustion and will smoke. After a few minutes, the air between the 2 walls of

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15 Customer Reviews
It's Not Steel It's Iron
Not compatible for camping with this stove it's only for burning wood that's it not for cooking and also it's not pure steel it's with iron
Quechua Wood Stove for hiking
Absolutely brilliant piece of kit . Heat and cooking all in in one . So easy to use . Another excellent Decathlon equipment ??????
Wood burner
Great piece of kit very well made. Does the job
Love this Wood Stove
We were not prepared well and yet we could get the fire started with a few match sticks, some scraps of thick paper and collected wood. Once the fire gets going the stove works very well. It is bulky compared with gas stoves but lightweight, and removes the hassle of refilling the gas canister.
B?p t?t nh?ng v?n g?
b?p c?a em v?n b? r?