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Unique size CO2 Cartridge - 16 g, Default

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Designed for inflating high pressure tyres on road bikes. Also suitable for hybrid, city, and kids' bike tyres.


Full cartridge 58 g.CO2 16 g

Inflating efficiency

A 16 g canister of COâ‚‚ will provide the following pressure levels depending on the type of tyreROAD700 x 23 9 bar/130 PSI700 x 25 7.5 bar/108 PSI700 x 28 6 bar/87 PSIMTB26 x 2.1 2.7 bar / 39 PSI27.5 x 2.1 3.0 bar / 43 PSI29 x 2.1 2.5 bar / 36 PSI

Directions for use

1) Screw the cartridge into the nozzle to pierce the cartridge so it's ready to use.2) Hold the cartridge by the plastic cover to protect your hands from the cartridge cooling down while inflating.3) Place the nozzle straight over the valve and push firmly to insert the valve into the nozzle in order to release the air.s4

Tips in case of puncture

With your other hand, we recommend pushing on the outside of the tyre at the valve to prevent the valve from going into the tyre when you push the inflation nozzle down.s5


The CO2 cartridge is 100% steel. This means it's recyclable. You should dispose of it in your recycling bin.


Bottle/Body,Steel: 100%
Formula,Carbon Dioxide: 100%