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Specs make memories from your perspective Snapchat spectacles make recordings based on your point of view, so when you're sharing your friends and family see what you see. Press the button to make a 10-second Snap Pressing the button starts the Spectacles recording a 10-second Snap. This can be extended to 20 or 30 seconds with the press of a button (*extended recordings will be uploaded to your Snapchart memories in 10-second segments.) Lights show friends you're Snapping When the spectacles are recording, the corners light up to let everyone know so they can be their best while you're creating your memory. Wirelessly add your Snaps to Memories on Snapchat Since your spectacles are paired with your mobile device, you can seamlessly add your Snaps to your Snapchat memories with almost no effort. Specs charge in their case Once placed in their protective case, the Spectacles begin charging until you take them out to make your next memory. How to: 1.Pair the Spectacles with your mobile device via Bluetooth 2.Press the button to start recording a Snap 3.Once you've paired Specs with your device, Snaps will automatically import over Bluetooth 4.Specs will store about 200 Snaps Compatability: - iPhone 5 and later, running iOS 8 and above - Android devices running Android 4.3 and above with BLE and Wi-Fi Direct Useful Information: - To swap out Spectacles lenses for prescription lenses, consult a professional ABO-certified optician for guidance. - Spectacles’ lenses are not polarized. - Spectacles are one-size-fits-most. - The cleaning cloth that comes with Specs is your best bet for shining up your lenses regularly. This should take care of everyday cleaning and polishing needs. Don’t use liquid to clean your Specs.
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