2 Kg 2 kg coated lead deep water diving weight grey, Dark Grey

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Our Subea engineers designed this coated lead to avoid direct contact and protect the lead. For all divers, hunters, and freedivers.

This diving weight stands out by its grey colour. A little bonus that prevents direct contact with the lead in the water.

The grey coating protects the weights against shocks.

Easy dressing
This weight slides onto your diving belt.Slot: 5 x 0.8 cm

This uncoated lead weight weighs 2 kg (with a tolerance of +/- 5 %).

Dimensions and Composition

97 % hardened lead, 3% polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Dimensions (l x w x h) 13.5 x 9 x 3 cmSlot 5 x 0.8 cm

What has an influence on weighting?

1/ Your physiology (weight) and your body mass index (weight/size). 2/ Water buoyancy is greater in seawater (you need more weights) than in fresh water. 3/ Your wetsuit the thickness of the neoprene also influences buoyancy. 4/ The weight of the tank (for SCUBA diving) and the volume of the air content the more air you consume, the lighter your cylinder becomes and your buoyancy tends to become positive (you float!).

Weight stops / belt slides

Weight stops (or belt slides) let you connect your weights together this prevents them from moving when you move in the water.


Structure,Lead: 97%,Polyvinyl Chloride: 03%

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