Sundus Koushoua Prayer Mat Light Brown

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Product Actions

How does it work?
  1. A multi-component system.
  2. Designed to give an extra layer of comfort and support.
  3. Memory foam surface to minimize joint tension.
  4. Better comfort during prayer, deeper support and less muscle and joint aches.
Memory Foam:
High-quality memory foam provides the best ergonomic and anti-fatigue results:
  1. It wraps around your body parts for even pressure distribution while providing a stable surface to stand and sit on.
  2. The layered air cell mat is supportive, soft, comforting and durable.
  3. Memory foam padding also decreases the number of stretches and postural changes. Salutary effects may translate into more efficient movement and body posture.
  4. Made with non-toxic, environment-friendly plasticizers reduces PVC material and does not use any formaldehyde or heavy metals in its production.
Health Benefits:
An everyday essential with many direct benefits:
  1. Cushions your steps and distributes your weight helping to prevent strain to your back, knees, and feet.
  2. Perfect cushioning and traction.
  3. Dispatches impact and maximizes support.
  4. Joints 33% cooler with gel beads and reduces injury risks
  5. Body contouring memory foam properties relieves pressure on joints.
Dimensions: 80 x 110 cm
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