Introductory Set Of 2 X Hands And 2 X Feet Warmers

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We have developed these heat pads to provide you with warmth, additional comfort and extra enjoyment during your winter sports activities.

Are you looking for a source of heat outdoors to keep you warm during cold weather activities. This set of hand and foot warmers offers a gentle heat warmth for at least 5 or 6 hours

Warm hands and feet for 5 to 6 hours.

Ease of use
Activate as soon as they come into contact with the air. Adhesive foot warmer.

Fast acting
Open the bag/shake 5 times/wait 10 minutes. Activate at room temperature

Long-lasting effect
Produces a gentle heat for:5 to 6 hours


Children, the elderly and disabled people should use this product with care and under supervision.Seek the advice of a doctor before use in cases of diabetes, delicate or sensitive skin, blood circulation problems, paralysis or damaged nerves, rheumatoid arthritis, if you are pregnant or if you have any doubt.Do not apply to frostbite or desensitised skin.Do not use while sleeping.Do not use at the same time as external analgesics or other heating devices.


The heating process activates upon contact with the air1. Remove the warmer from the package and shake it 5-6 times to activate the heating process.2. For an optimum heating temperature, give the process time to get started in the open air for around 10 minutes before the start of your outdoor activity, ideally in an ambient environment of around 20آ°C.3. Once you feel the heat, place the hand warmers in a pocket or glove.


For the foot warmerNever stick the warming pad directly on the skin.Ideally, use it outside the sock. Depending on the type of shoe and footwear, place it on top of the foot or under the toes.


Formula,Activated Carbon: ,Iron: ,Sodium Chloride: ,Vermiculite: ,Water:

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