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These comfortable goggles have a dual lens that reduces fogging and guarantees good vision in fine weather.

The G 140 S3 ski goggles provide good visibility in the sunshine and clouds with an essential anti-fogging dual lens system. Comfortable thanks to its comfortable fabric – 100% UV protection

Sun protection
100% anti-UV. Brown lens to see the terrain under the sun and the clouds.

Essential anti-fogging, dual lens with anti-fogging treatment

Field of vision
Cylindrical lens, essential horizontal field of vision

User comfort
Ergonomic foam and comfortable fabrics

40 mm wide elastic.

2 buckles to adjust the length of the elastic

Perfect fit for Wedze helmets


Because UV rays are harmful to eyes, all our goggles are certified 100% ANTI UV by the EN 174 standard. Goggles are the best protection solution as they perfectly enclose the eyes preventing any direct or reflected UV light from entering


means a dark lens that protects you from the intense light of the sun. We have selected a brown tint that preserves good visibility in shaded areas or at the end of the day when the sun is less bright.The screens are not scratch resistant.

Essential anti-fog

The ESSENTIAL anti-fogging is a double lens with treatment on the inside of the inner lens.To ensure a good flow of air inside the goggles, do not block these air vents, e.g. with a neckwarmer.Do not rub inner surface of lens but dab it carefully in order to preserve the anti-fogging treatment for as long as possible.s4

Double lens

Goggles with dual screen to reduce condensation. Indeed, the air that is trapped between the two lenses creates a layer of thermal insulation. As a result, the thermal shock between the inside of the goggles and the outside is reduced. This delays any condensation on the inside lens of the goggles. To complement this, the inner lens is also given an anti-fog treatment.s5

Cylindrical lens

Cylindrical double lens, made of polycarbonate for the outer lens and cellulose polycarbonate for the inner lens, both cut to fit the shape of the goggles.s6

Compatibility with a ski helmet

All Wedze ski goggles are designed to fit perfectly with Wedze ski helmets.s7

Compatibility with prescription glasses

The G 140 ski goggles in size L can be worn with prescription glasses (maximum width of 135 mm). The foam on the sides and the shape of the goggle skirt leaves a passage for each temple.s8


40 mm high polyamide elastic, polyester and rubber.s9

EN 174 Standard

The EN 174 standard is a European standard applicable to goggles used for eye protection when downhill skiing or similar activities such as snowboarding. The ANSI standard is the American standard, more stringent than the European standard for resistance to shocks and impact.These skiing goggles pass both these standards0

Avoiding condensation

Moisture causes fogging. You must therefore make sure that the foam does not get soaked in water, e.g. by placing the goggles on a wet helmet or a hat. Falling face down in the snow can also cause your goggles to fog up. Whatever the circumstances, you must dry your ski goggles thoroughly overnight to remove any moisture and hit the slopes on the following day with perfectly dry goggles.1


The size of the goggles is chosen according to the head size. Up to 55 cm, choose the size S. From 56 cm , choose size L2

ESSENTIAL field of vision

there is vertical and horizontal field of vision. The G 100 have an ESSENTIAL field of vision, they enable comfortable and reassuring visibility to see well on the sides.


Frame,Thermoplastic Polyurethane: 100%
Lens,Polycarbonate: 60%,Cellulose Acetate: 40%
Elastic band,Rubber - Synthetic: 36%,Polyamide: 33%,Polyester: 31%
Foam,Polyurethane: 100%

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