The Holy Month of Ramadan is the perfect occasion for praying, giving, celebrating, and reflecting with your loved ones. To get into the spirit of Ramadan 2023, you need to create the perfect atmosphere for yourself in your home and kitchen. Ramadan Home décor activities has now become the perfect way to enter the spiritual month and get your house ready for it. Regardless of how many times you decorated your home in the past years, there is always room to make a few tweaks with some Ramadan decorations to give you fresh vibes. Browse through Azadea UAE’s lifestyle, home & dining collection to find the perfect Ramadan accessories.

If you haven’t started preparing your kitchen or home for Ramadan yet, this is your sign to do so. Azadea’s Ramadan Essentials collection is ready to help you plan ahead and get ready for the holy month. If you wish to give your table setting another Ramadan style, look at our exquisite kitchen & dine products and pick whatever matches your home style.

Get Ready for Ramadan with Azadea:

Preparing your home for Ramadan this year will be easy, as Azadea UAE will make this holy month, a memorable one. Azadea provides you with modern exclusives pieces to incorporate the spirit of Ramadan kitchen. Explore new decorative pieces that will add a fresh vibe to your kitchen as well as give your place a refreshing look while enhancing the Ramadan theme. 

Prepare your Ramadan shopping list and be ready to get your hands down on our modern exclusive kitchenware and tableware selections to make your preparation for Ramadan tables fun and creative. We've additionally incorporated the best preparing coffee tea fundamentals for the after-Iftar family time. 

Ramadan inspired dinnerware, modern looking decorations, kitchen fundamentals and exclusive Ramadan home accessories are a significant part of Ramadan preparation. It’s a new approach to add luxurious and festive vibes to your home.

Iftar Décor

Iftars are an important aspect of Ramadan’s rituals, but they are not complete without proper table decorations to put together the most beautiful iftar tables for your loved ones.

Dressing the table with Islamic motifs, organic patterns and colorful serving ware from Seletti will allow you to impress your guests. Always focus on table exquisiteness, regardless of whether you are hosting an Iftar, a private Suhoor with close friends or an exclusive family dinner. To create the most beautiful oriental table set ups, pick a plates and glasses set that will easily complement your Ramadan theme. For example, you can use a brilliant and printed dinner set for an easygoing look, or use porcelain dishes with silver, gold & colored embellishments. A colored printed tableware set would be ideal for a vibrant touch. 

Ramadan fasting additionally requires a platter of desserts, pastries, dates, and dry natural products. Place your delicious pastries in contemporary cake stands and serving trays and dazzle your guests. A collection of matching kitchen & dining products can always be used as a center piece to give your kitchen counter a Ramadan touch as well.

Vibe setting 

Your Ramadan mood is incomplete without candles and vases. Diffusers and scented candles are additionally a significant feature to set the Ramadan vibes. Try to always coordinate a matching color candle with your table décor, so that they create subtle lighting and warmth in your environment. While decorative vases will always create a sense of magnificence, they also appear as an attractive centerpiece on your table. Browse our selection of Ramadan home accessories and discover brands such as Silsal Design House or MENU. 

Always keep in mind that the Majlis in your home or office can be changed into a Ramadan Majlis or Ramadan Praying area with your family with a few pieces from the Ramadan Exclusive collection. Explore our prayer mats collection and add the final touches to your prayer corner with a Quran stand. Remember that colors have a significant effect on boosting your mood, so rejuvenate your thoughts when you begin the styling process and beautifying your home space for the month of Ramadan.

Finally, since the month of Ramadan is the season of giving and spreading happiness, extend the delight of gifting to your loved ones. Check out our Ramadan gifting edit and find the best gift ideas for him, her and the little ones. Azadea UAE has a present for every one!

Ramadan Kareem!