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Rugby is one of the world's most popular team sports for both men and women. Since it’s an aggressive sport that can involve a great risk of potential injuries, it’s essential to shop for the best rugby sports gear and equipment to help you harness control and prevent unwelcomed injuries. Discover a wide range of rugby gear and rugby equipment online today at Azadea.com and prepare to transform your experience on the field.


Buy Rugby Training Equipment Online in UAE


Explore range of essential rugby protective gear designed to minimize the chances of falling victim of injuries caused by other rugby players. Arming yourself with proper protective gear, such as Azadea's rugby shoulder pads, can drastically improve your confidence when playing the game. Famous for their affordable yet high-quality protective gear, browse an array of products from top-selling brands such as Offload and Kalenji. Made from strong polyester, Azadea's shoulder pads are durable and lightweight. In addition, the shoulder pads feature a total of 10 protection zones, reducing impacts on the plexus, shoulders, arms, thorax, sides, back, and back of the neck. Couple the shoulder pads with Azadea's R500 protective undershorts and base layers and you’re good to go! For footwear that will last the whole match, Azadea UAE offers a range of rugby boots that are built for comfort and performance. The stud’s round configuration delivers ample protection against knee and ankle torsion, and its raised heels make it easy to push forward.


Azadea understands that no collection of rubgy training gear would be complete without long tights, leggings and underwear. Get the latest men's rugby apparel when browse men's running tights are crafted of elastane and polyester, breathable spandex material. The fabric effectively wicks away the perspiration and dries quickly. The polyester delivers perfect elasticity and is an ideal wear for all seasons. Azadea's other rugby accessories include mouthguards, scrum caps, stopwatches, training bars, and much more. Shop the entire collection online today at Azadea.com.