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Camping Showers


Browse through a selection of easy-to-use solar showers designed for comfortable outdoor showers. Never compromise your general hygiene again when you add one of these solar shower solutions to your collection of camping essentials. Maintaining cleanliness throughout your trip has never been easier with a portable camping shower that comes with a pressurised pumping system.


Buy Portable Camp Showers Online


Azadea UAE provides some of the best portable showers that you can take on your next trip in nature. These incredible products will let you enjoy a nice shower outdoors after a long day of walking or hiking. Engineered with your comfort in mind, industry professionals have made sure that you can make the most out of your camping showers. Not only are these compact in size, but also hold a respectable volume of water to allow you even long periods of travelling. While ensuring you make the most of your time in nature, the products provide amazing portability with strapped bags meaning you can store them in your tent or even carry them with you. In addition, these solar camping showers feature a wide opening that allow you to quickly and easily store water.


The shower also features a very simple ON/OFF button that can help you use your water conservatively and prevents any wastage of water. What makes these showers even more excellent, is they do not need to be hung from a high point and can be operated from the ground, thanks to the pumps that pressurize the water! Just set your solar shower down and turn it on to get a comfortable shower. Our products' utilitarian design also allows you to use them for cleaning purposes, thus making them a valuable aid for your time outdoors. Shop the collection of Camping Furniture and portable camping showers online at Azadea.com

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