Add a touch of style to your child's activewear with Azadea's expertly designed sports bottoms. Crafted with breathable, flexible materials, our sports bottoms support free movement, allowing your child to play, run, and explore to their heart's content. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, there's something for every young sports enthusiast.

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Kids' Sports Bottoms


Whether it’s team sports, swimming, hiking or skiing, Azadea UAE offers some of the best quality kids’ pants and bottoms designed to boost your children’s performance. Without the right clothing, your kids can’t get the best out of their outdoor activities. However, with Azadea’s top selling range of kids' sports bottoms, including pants and kid’s shorts, you can be sure to help your child go those extra meters, score those extra points and simply excel in what they do.


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The kids’ clothing range at Azadea UAE has been collected with functionality and style in mind. Explore a selection of kids’ sports bottoms and pants, including high utility sportswear, fitness pants, ski trousers and more. Encourage your child to become the next sporting sensation in basketball, football, swimming or gymnastics and browse must-have kid’s sports trousers to ensure maximum comfort. Shop Azadea’s collection of quality shorts to optimise performance in their chosen sport. The comfort quotient will allow for better performance on the field and are available in different sizes and colours so your kids can find their best version.


For less competitive sports, discover a wide range of hiking and skiing pants that optimise your trips. Zip-off convertible hiking pants that turn into shorts in a minute are at your fingertips and provide the perfect option that can be worn all year round. For winter sports lovers, shop ski trousers with an elasticated fit and make great companions as the youngsters drift across the snow. For all of your gymnastics essentials, benefit from stretchy fabrics that offer complete flexibility and shop for the best kid’s gym shorts and leggings to help your children make the most out of their gym sessions. Team with a matching top and appropriate footwear to create the ultimate sporting experience.


With a whole range of kid’s sports bottoms & athletic bottoms that include the latest trousers, pants and shorts, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit every athlete when you shop online at