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If you have the right exercise equipment, you can exercise at home for hours on end. At Azadea Kuwait, you can shop a range of exercise mats, fitness accessories, gymnastics and combat equipment that can all help you stay fit and healthy without stepping foot in a gym. With tons of sports exercise gear and accessories to choose from, enjoy that at-the-gym feeling entirely from the comfort of your own home.


Whether you're looking to train indoors or outdoors, there are a number of different options that can help you to stay healthy all year long. And with tons of exercise products to choose from, you'll never be out of options. Whether you're hoping to browse the latest exercise machines to enhance your fitness or you want to find an exciting selection of workout products to further your fitness journey, you'll find it all here. has over 2,000 exercise products for you to invest in. From cardio machines, home gym equipment and so much more, you'll never be out of ideas when it comes to finding fantastic ways to keep fit.


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No matter what physical exercise or fitness workout you participate in, you can browse through a range of exercise gear, accessories, and more available at Azadea Kuwait.

664 Products Available

664 products


Weight Training Dumbbells And Bars Set, Black

‎64.00 KWD ‎50.00 KWD 22% off END OF SEASON SALE

Basic Exercise Bike 100, Black

‎132.50 KWD ‎110.00 KWD 17% off END OF SEASON SALE

Weightlifting Bumper Disc - Inner Diameter, Black

‎21.50 KWD ‎18.00 KWD 16% off END OF SEASON SALE

Collapsible Bench Press Incline Bench, Black

‎55.50 KWD ‎45.00 KWD 19% off END OF SEASON SALE


‎58.00 KWD ‎40.50 KWD 30% off END OF SEASON SALE

Cross Training Battle Rope, Black

‎36.00 KWD ‎24.00 KWD 33% off END OF SEASON SALE

Weight Training Barbell Kit, Black

‎13.00 KWD ‎11.00 KWD 15% off END OF SEASON SALE

Cross-Training Elastic Training Band, Red

‎7.00 KWD ‎5.50 KWD 21% off END OF SEASON SALE

Fitness Dumbbells Twin-Pack, Grey

‎9.00 KWD ‎7.00 KWD 22% off END OF SEASON SALE

Fitness Shoes 920, Black

‎22.50 KWD ‎6.00 KWD 73% off END OF SEASON SALE