The Best Summer Dresses for Every Body Shape

Clothes should bring out the best of everybody’s figure, no matter the type. The right dress can naturally beautify your body and highlight your appearance. With trends taking us by storm, it could be challenging to know what to follow or discard. The best way to dress is to develop a strategy that works for you solely. 

Our Favorite Summer Dresses for Different Body Types

Needless to say, every woman is beautiful in her own shape. Yet, there’s no one size that fits all. Knowing what works for you and doesn’t when it comes to fashion is very important and will go a long way. When you know your body type tendencies, you will be able to dress to contour your figure, showcase it in the best way to make it suit you best. You will know what trends to follow and to avoid. This will in turn help you apply visual tricks using different aspects of a garment, from the neckline and the cut to the material and the length, to display or conceal qualities of your silhouette. For instance, a petite physique can use tips and tricks to make their bodies seem taller using clothes, and so can tall body types.

With summer at its peak, dresses become our best ally. This summer clothing fashion guide will help you build a capsule wardrobe full of summer season dresses that work for you by understanding your body type and what truly suits you to create an ultra-flattering fit that highlights your best assets. Couple your outfits with subtle or bold jewelry that will be sure to fetch you compliments.


Best Dresses for Hourglass Figure

If you have an hourglass figure, it means that your hip and bust measurements are very similar in size, with a significantly narrower waist circumference in between. This body shape is naturally balanced, so most dress styles will work depending on what you want to showcase and what you would like to downplay. The best way to dress for the hourglass figure is to follow its natural silhouette, while accentuating the waistline. Avoid straight dresses or boxy cuts as they take away from your natural curve.

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses are the perfect hemline in dresses for creating beautiful proportions between the upper and lower parts of an hourglass body type without drawing attention to the hip; hanging off it naturally while visually stretching the body to balance it all out.

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are optimum and flattering for an hourglass body type as they create a natural silhouette that accentuates the waist and flows with this figure beautifully without overly flaunting your bust or bottom.

Belted Dresses

Belted dresses are also beautiful as they cinch at the midriff creating a fitted and tapered waist detail, making you look overall top and bottom balanced.



Best Dresses for Pear Shape Figure

The pear shape body type is characterized by having wider hips, narrower shoulders and bust circumference. The best way to style this voluptuous pear figure is by balancing out this type’s proportions by focusing on the top half of the body and exaggerating the shoulders. Using the neckline shape and some neck accessories to de-emphasize the hips and thighs work perfectly for the pear shape type, also called “triangle body type”.  Avoid straight cuts or embellishments at the lower half of the dress.

Bodycon Dresses

A fitted bodycon silhouette adds structure to the pear-shaped body figure and highlights the natural wide hip circumference in a flattering way. 

A-Line Dresses

Similar to a fit and flare dress, the A-line dress is an excellent choice for a pear body type as it effectively skims over the hips, balancing the width out by creating a draped and free-flowing silhouette.

Off-Shoulder Dresses

An off-shoulder dress perfectly suits the pear body type by adding visual enhancements to the bust and shoulder area and drawing attention to the upper half of the body to balance out the wider lower one.



Best Dresses for Apple Shape Figure

With the Apple shaped body type,  the circumference of the bust, waist and hips are similarly wide, with most of the body weight at the midsection while tending to have more slender legs. This body type’s top concern is lacking a waistline, so opting for silhouettes that emphasize the waist and midsection, nipping at the narrowest point of your torso, will be the best way to style it. Avoid bulky fabric around the waist and midsection area.

Maxi Dresses 

Maxi dresses are a beautiful choice for apple-shaped bodies as it perfectly elongates your figure and disguises the wider waist. An empire waistline typically cinching right below the bust, or styling the maxi dress with a medium to wide belt works best by visually lifting the bust. 

Ruched Dresses

A ruched dress drapes over the body evenly while covering the midsection area - fitting the apple shape perfectly, especially if you tend to carry more weight in the lower tummy area.

Floaty Dresses

Floaty dresses skim over the hips without clinging to the body in a beautiful way that flatters the apple shape figure. With a balloon shoulder style, a floaty dress can draw attention to the top half of the body and conceal a heavy midsection perfectly.



Best Dresses for Athletic Shape Figure

The athletic body type, also called the “inverted triangle” body type, is known for having shoulders and bust wider than the circumference of the hips. The broad shoulders are what lend this shape the athletic “swimmer’s body” look. With this body type, it’s best to draw the attention away from the broader upper half of the body and focus on the lower body to create a balanced silhouette throughout the body. Avoid tight-fitting dresses or dresses with shoulder pads.

Asymmetrical Dresses

Asymmetrical dresses or side-slit dresses draw massive attention to your lower half of the body and away from the shoulders with an uneven hemline which brings interest and structure to your silhouette.

Fit & Flare Dresses

Creating volume from the waist down suits the inverted triangle shape perfectly. A fit & flare dress flows over the hips to highlight your curves even more. It also adds a feminine touch which balances out the athletic physique.

One-Shoulder Dresses

Your shoulders should not be concealed completely. If you’re comfortable with broad shoulders, showcase their beauty and strength in a one-shoulder dress while maintaining a cinch at the waist or a flared volume down the hips.

By now, we hope you understand your body type and have the perfect toolkit for choosing the best summer dress that fits and flatters your figure. Explore a selection of footwearso you can put your best foot forward and complement all of your outfits with our range of accessories that will surely enhance all day and night looks.