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Fitbit Watches

Discover Azadea UAE’s wide range of wearable technology from one of the biggest activity tracker brands in the industry. Delve into the waters of your favorite Fitbit products when you shop must-have Fitbit watches, Fitbit bands and more. Enjoy smartwatches and smart scales engineered by Fitbit to meet all of your health and lifestyle needs.

Using innovative and advanced technology, Fitbit collects data and information to help create personalised products with user experience in mind. With Fitbit activity and step trackers that observe motion and Fitbit smart scales used to track progress, you can kickstart your health journey with confidence. Fitbit also has state of the art technology which means you can sync all of your smart technologies with your mobile device and Fitbit app to really make the most of your products.


Shop Fitbit Watches and Fitbit Bands UAE

Transform your everyday life with high-tech solutions to your health and fitness demands. Keep track of your movements with the latest selection of Fitbit smartwatches and fitness bands designed to maximise your workouts and exercise routines. Try the Fitbit versa 3 and enjoy premium features such as its built in GPS, heart rate monitor and more. With an incredible 6-days battery life, this innovative health tracker is a true workout companion. Not only does the Fitbit smartwatch manage data on your activity and performance, it can also be used to optimise and monitor sleep to ensure you receive the most accurate understanding of your health and wellbeing.

Also included in the Fitbit range, the Fitbit ace 2 is a great product that inspires children to get moving. Intended to help build healthy habits, the Fitbit ace 2 comes in fresh, vibrant shades that are perfect for matching to your child’s colorful personality. In addition, you can personalise and refresh your activity tracker with a range of fun smartwatch accessories, like Fitbit bands and straps. Explore Fitbit’s most trending products and have them delivered straight to your door when you shop at Azadea UAE.

8 products