650 Ml Iceberg Insulated Cycling Water Bottle, White

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Designed for cyclists who want to stop their drink from warming up for up to 2 hours.

Insulation and ergonomics for a superior quality cycling bottle.

650 ml

Up to 2 hours, for cold liquids. Isothermal, double-wall structure.

Mouth comfort
Thermoplastic rubber push-pull valve and protective cap.

Ergonomic grip
Soft water bottle despite being double-walled.

Compatible with all bottle cages on the market.

How to care for your water bottle

Clean the water bottle thoroughly after each use. If you use isotonic drinks, rinse all parts of the bottle, cap and mouthpiece to make sure there is no liquid remaining inside. Use washing-up liquid and a long brush to clean the bottom of the bottle.Dry it fully and store it without the cap on so that it is ventilated. If you do not do this, mould could grow in the bottle.Do not put in the dishwasher (particularly above 70�C).

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Very disappointing
If you want a bottle to keep drinks hot (or cool) then this is not a good product. I took this on a ride in 0-2C temperatures (exactly when you want a hot drink) even after pre-heating the bottle before filling, my hot drink was cold after 1 hour and teeth-tinglingly cold by 1.5hrs. There is a fundamental design flaw - gel does not insulate it only conveys heat so it passes heat to the drink and to the outside world (only slightly slower than the drink on its own). What is needed is either a vacuum or an insulator to reduce heat loss. Gel does not do that. The other reason I bought this was for the protective lid-cap as the regular non-insulated "Elite Maxi Corsa" bottle does not come with one. So if you ride on dirty roads, gravel or mountain-biking and you want a protective cover, you have to buy one of these expensive (and useless) thermal bottles. Decathlon please sort out your bottle department - I have an excellent and very old Decathlon bottle with a cap, which is great for Muddy rides, but the seal has gone on it. I would return this and get my money back, but it has scratches from the rack - so it has become a very expensive cap.
Brilliant value water bottle
Great product