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Cycling Water Bottles & Bike Bottle Holders


If you are on a bike ride, out walking or are simply exercising, then it’s absolutely essential to stay hydrated. Offering a number of quality water bottles and cages, Azadea UAE allows you to rehydrate whilst on the move.  Shop everything from high-quality sports water bottles, bike bottle cages and bike bottle holders that fix onto your bike with ease. Coming in a wide range of colors to suit your preference, you can buy affordable cycling water bottles and bottle cages to help your next outdoor cycling session truly unbeatable.


Bottle cages and bike water bottle holders comfortably attach to the back of your bicycle to protect and hold water bottles whilst moving. Select from a choice of premium materials including plastic, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum and fix to the mainframe, handlebars or even behind the saddle of a bicycle. While they can be welded, fixed, riveted, or molded into the frame steel, most modern bicycles are made in a way so as to accommodate sports water bottles in the bottle cage.


Buy Bike Water Bottles & Bottle Cages Online


Browse best selling cycling water bottles like this isothermal cycling water bottle found online at Azadea UAE. Complete with an isothermal layer which maintains the temperature of the liquid for a longer period of time, benefit from the quick to open and close cap for trouble-free drinking. If you are looking for an excellent bike bottle cage, why not opt for a classic metal bottle cage for your cycling bottle? Compatible with all bikes, this bottle cage includes bottle cage screws to secure easily to your bicycle and can be adjusted to fit your sports water bottle.


Find more when you shop the entire collection of Water Bottle & Cages online at Azadea.com and transform your cycling experience.