Marshall JVM210C 2x12" 100 Watt 2 Channel Tube Combo Amplifier

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Silence the crowd with the raw power and unbeatable tone of the 100W JVM210C. Move between the three modes on each channel to explore classic cleans, searing distortion and everything in between. Featuring carefully paired complementary Celestion speakers, this amp has a warm, powerful blend that has everything you need in one package.

The Marshall JVM210C all-tube 2 x 12" 100-watt amplifier brings you the full range of Marshall tone, from crisp clean to molten roar! The 2-channel JVM210C gives you six modes, covering two independent channels with three gain stages, each with its own footswitchable memory. It's a great feature for ultra-flexible onstage switching (via the included dedicated, programmable footswitch unit), plus the combination of a vintage and modern speakers provides great tone. Two effects loops, reverb for each channel, a speaker-emulated XLR line-out, and two footswitchable master volumes also grace the JVM205C.

Marshall JVM210C 100-watt 2 x 12" Tube Amplifier Combo at a Glance:

Channel switching and more

Silence is golden

Marshall heritage

From glassy to a roar

Channel switching and more

The JVM2 series amps don't simply give you footswitchable channels. You get an entire palette brimming with different degrees of distortion, tonality, and effects. The included 4-way switch has five easy-to-read LEDs, making this rig ready for stage use. It's also programmable, so you can set up different combinations of channel, mode (green, orange, or red), reverb level, effects level, and master volume easily. The parallel/series effects loops are also switchable on/off. Marshall made sure you'll get the most out of this amp even when you're at the front of the stage!

Silence is golden

When on standby, the JVM2's emulated XLR output is fully operational, allowing you to record in total silence - a godsend for those late night recording sessions!

Marshall heritage

Every JVM2 is made at the Marshall factory in the tonal heart of England. Time-tested, traditional methods of craftsmanship and construction are combined with the latest advances in modern manufacturing technology, ensuring world-class build quality and roadworthiness. Internally, the JVM2 circuitry and layout has been kept to a minimum, ensuring the integrity of the guitar tone and an incredibly low noise floor. All this, coupled with meticulous valve selection and high tolerance, quality components adds to the all-important reliability factor that is synonymous with the Marshall legend.

From glassy to a roar

Two completely independent channels sounds fine, but this amp gives you so much more than that! Each channel features three footswitchable modes: green, orange, and red. These modes give you different voicings and levels of overdrive ranging from pristine clean to super-saturated, harmonic-drenched, sustain-for-days distorted. Of course, the beauty of this configuration is that you can easily dial in these tones and everything in between, and access them with the touch of a footswitch.

Marshall JVM210C 100-watt 2 x 12" Tube Amplifier Combo Features:

All-tube design including 5 x12AX7s, 2 x EL34s (50-watt), or 4 x EL34s (100-watt)

2 totally independent, footswitchable channels - clean/crunch and overdrive

Each channel has 3 footswitchable modes - green, orange, and red

Each mode has switch memory (reverb on/off, effects loop on/off, master volume 1 or 2)

Footswitchable, studio-quality digital reverb

Independent reverb controls for both channels

2 footswitchable master volumes

2 effects loops - 1 series, and 1 parallel/series

Parallel/series effects loop is footswitchable on/off

Speaker-emulated XLR line-out

Programmable 4-way, 5-LED footswitch with memory capabilities

All switching can be done via MIDI

Marshall G-12 Vintage speaker

Made in England

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Marshall JVM210C 2x12" 100 Watt 2 Channel Tube Combo Amplifier
Marshall JVM210C 2x12" 100 Watt 2 Channel Tube Combo Amplifier
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