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Unique Size Flying Disc D175 Ultimate, Fluo Green

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Model for playing Ultimate.

Designed for playing ultimate.

Long distance. Up to 40 m. Its leading edge gives it excellent stability

Excellent grip for perfect throwing accuracy.

175 g. Shape and weight suited for ultimate frisbee.

Flight quality

We have worked on the weight and shape of the D175 flying disc in order to make an efficient and high-performing Ultimate frisbee. Its weight and shape comply with current standards for this discipline.


Weight 175 gramsDiameter 27 cm

Non-slip ridges

The wide ridges on the frisbee improve grip.s4


We have worked on the rigidity of the D 175 frisbee in order to find the right balance between flight performance and comfort when catching.


Main fabric,Polyethylene Low Density: 60%,Polypropylene: 40%

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