From the park to the beach, level up your frisbee game with our range of flying discs and boomerangs, perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Shop frisbees and boomerangs in an array of vibrant colors and fun patterns for you to choose from.

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Ultimate Frisbee is a well-known precision sport that can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. At, you can buy a wide range of fun frisbees to play when you’re next in the park or on the beach. Azadea’s collection of frisbee discs come in a variety of bright colors to ensure maximum visibility when playing outdoors. To play the game, players must pass the Frisbee from one person or team, to the other. Whether you’re an ultimate frisbee champion looking for more flying discs to add to your inventory, or you just want something to play with the family, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect frisbee online at


Azadea UAE offers a number of premium quality equipment that’s designed to provide hours of fun. With excellent grip for improved throwing accuracy, these frisbees can glide long distances with ease. In addition, participating in frisbee activities can offer fantastic health and fitness benefits. With the ability to burn calories, increase metabolism, and much more. The rules are easy to master so that people of all ages can play the game. The game improves children's spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, balance and proprioception, and multi-sensory processing. It’s one outdoor activity that brings families together and accounts for a perfect family picnic game that players and spectators can equally enjoy.


Ultimate frisbee is definitely a family sport and Azadea has a wide range of frisbees and various other sporting equipment that you can choose from. Not only are they reasonably priced, but Azadea offers fast delivery and option to pay on delivery.