Camping Sleeping Bag, Dark Petrol Blue

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Our camping designers have developed this Arpenaz 10أ‚آ° sleeping bag for you to sleep comfortably in when camping in temperatures close to 10أ‚آ°.

A sleeping bag with a full zip for easy opening. It can also be converted into a duvet. It comes with a five-year warranty!

Optimum temperature
Comfort temperature 10أ‚آ°C | Limit temperature: 5أ‚آ°C

Sleeping quality
Sizes: 190 x 72 cm | Full-length zip

Easy transport
Weight: 1300 g | Volume: 15 L | Carry bag

This sleeping bag cannot be paired

Easy maintenance
Easy machine washing, follow the care instructions

Dope dyed two-tone liner fabric | Reduces the environmental impact

Use temperature

We display on all our sleeping bags the comfort temperatures tested by an independent laboratory (AITEX) according to European standard ISO 23537-1 of 21/01/2017. The comfort temperature rating is the lower limit at which the user in relaxed posture is generally in thermal equilibrium and feels neither too cold nor too hot (for a standard woman in normal conditions of use). Choose your sleeping bag according to this criterion.,

What is the comfort limit temperature

The comfort limit temperature is the temperature limit at which a person curled up in the sleeping bag is in general thermal equilibrium, neither too cold nor too hot (determined for a man in normal conditions of use).,

What you need to know about temperatures

A sleeping bag does not produce heat, but retains the heat produced by the body. If you are tired and cold and you sli

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