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Buy the most compact, lightweight and snug sleeping bags that are the ultimate addition to your camping trip when you shop online at Azadea.com. Those who have been in the mountains and on campsites know that falling asleep isn’t quite as easy when you don’t have the correct equipment. From a good tent to a comfortable mattress, you’ll never have to compromise on your sleep again when you recruit a warm sleeping bag to your arsenal.


Explore a wide range of sleeping bags designed to help you sleep well and wake up feeling fresh on all of your camping or hiking trips. Azadea UAE offers a number of essential sleeping bags that are perfect for if you’re sleeping on an elaborate campsite or a makeshift shelter. These bags have been specifically designed to make sure that you stay cosy all night. The carefully crafted duvet ensures that all the heat is trapped inside for maximum insulation. The sleeping bags use high quality materials like cotton, polyester and thermoplastic fabrics to render themselves very comfortable and snug for you. The inner surface is made up of cotton and provides you with a soft cushy feel that will really make you feel at home. In addition, sleeping bags offer comfort in temperatures of up to 10°, so no matter where you go, these able sleeping companions stay with you. The sleeping bags can also be combined with a pillow to contribute towards a successful and comfortable adventure, and if you’re ever lacking the proper support from a mattress, 2-in-1 sleeping bags are also available.


Shop sleeping bags that can be easily turned into a compact carry bag and attach to your backpack for easy portability. Their incredibly lightweight material allows you to carry multiple other camping essentials such as hammocks. What’s more, all products are machine washable for your convenience. Buy all of your camping gear when you shop online at Azadea.com.

52 products