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Draw, colour and shade like a real manga artist! Includes
manga industry tools and directions to draw, ink and colour
manga characters like a pro.

This next-level watercolour kit provides
the traditional art skills of Japan's most influential manga artists
with a beginner-friendly instruction book jam-packed
with manga and anime art.

An introductory primer guides artists of all skill levels
through interactive lessons. Learn the importance of character
expression and movement, then master the skills of line weight and
shading while inking your character with the black waterproof pen.

Finally, have your manga characters jump off the
page with colouring techniques using the included watercolor
paints to paint over lightly sketched artwork.

With 18 trendy designs, this all-in-one kit
includes everything a new manga artist needs to get started
and create the manga art of their dreams.


What is Klutz?

Klutz is a premium brand of book-based activity kits, designed
to inspire creativity in every child. Our unique combination of
crystal-clear instructions, custom tools and materials and hearty
helpings of humour is 100% guaranteed to kick-start creativity.

Super-clear instructions

Open-ended Creativity

Rewarding Reading

Skills to Build On

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Manga Art Class | Editors Of Klutz
Manga Art Class | Editors Of Klutz