Keep your kids entertained for hours with our wide selection of toy vehicles available online at Azadea UAE. You can give your child the perfect gift that is a toy car or toy truck, if you start shopping from the best brands such as Maisto, Matchbox, Roo Crew, and many more!

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Toy Cars & Trucks in Dubai


Kids love toy vehicles of all kinds, from toy cars to toy trucks, and are guaranteed to have hours of fun whilst playing with them. Whether you are looking for a simple toy car or something more particular like a remote control car with intricate functions and standout features, you can expect to find the perfect gift for your little one. Check out our emergency vehicle simple car set by Melissa and Doug. This model car set has a police car, an ambulance, a fire truck, and a rescue helicopter as well as the accompanying action figures. Alternatively, if the child you are looking to buy a gift for is a race car enthusiast, Azadea has a remote control car series that is extremely popular among our customers. Take a look at the Ktm Bow Rr by Kidztech, which is the ultimate model car that can speed up to 10 km per hour!


In addition, our chain of sports cars by Kidztech and Rastar offers some really cool options like the Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari F40, and Ktm X-Bow to name a few. Check out the entire collection when you shop online at Azadea UAE.


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Discover the entire collection of kids’ toys online at Azadea UAE and browse a number of toy vehicles from industry-leading brands. Find toy cars and toy trucks that have been designed with their entertainment in mind. feature an amazing range and variety in our collection. If you’re wondering what to get your kid or the kid of someone close to you for Christmas, Azadea is the place to go. Benefit from long-lasting and durable model cars, remote control cars and toys cars that are sure to impress that car lover in your life. Whatever it is you’re searching for, you can always rely on finding the best kids’ toy vehicles online. Shop the range now online at Azadea UAE.


Toy Car FAQs


Which remote control car is best?


Depending on your needs and preferences, various remote control cars can be chosen to suit you. Check out the best remote control cars from Rastar and Kidztech for a car you can always rely on.