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Check out a vast collection of cycling shorts in Kuwait at Azadea's online store. Shop the best biker shorts and cycling tights collection from leading brands such as BTWIN, Triban, and Van Rysel. Enjoy long cycling rides wearing any of our bicycle shorts that are designed to provide utter comfort.

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Cycling Shorts


To a beginner, knowing where to start when it comes to finding the correct cycling apparel cyclists can be a daunting task. With tight bicycle clothing, cycling jerseys and cycling shorts, the options seem endless. Providing you with the ultimate guide when it comes to shopping bicycle shorts, Azadea Kuwait proudly offers a number of high quality products designed to help riders of all levels optimise their cycling experience.


Whilst searching for the best bicycle clothing for you, it’s likely that you’ve come across an array of cycling shorts. Perfect for curating a more streamlined figure that is aerodynamic and effective, bike shorts provide cyclists with a simple garment that moves with them. Some of the main features of bicycle shorts include an absence of creases in the groin and additional padding to decrease discomfort while riding. Likewise, cycling shorts are crafted from a number of adaptable textures which permit greater breathability than typical shorts.


For ultimate comfort, Azadea Kuwait offers a selection of padded cycling shorts that cushion the rear and soften the impact of a hard seat. Ensuring that padding is produced from premium materials, most padded cycling shorts use chamois or a similarly manufactured material. Both offer advantages, yet chamois will, in general, need more consideration than the manufactured linings. The padding additionally goes from thick to thin, with long-distance runner shorts having the most slender cushion so competitors can swim, cycle and run in similar shorts.


Shop Azadea Kuwait and opt for industry favorites like the ‎TRIBAN‎ Large RC500 Cycling Bib Shorts or Bibless Sport Cycling Shorts with foam padding to absorb vibrations. These new RC500 cycling shorts are really comfortable on account of the lattice ties, and ergonomic cushion with gel embeds. The wide, versatile band on the leg fix keeps the shorts set up and the ergonomic pad with gel embeds assimilates vibrations and effects. Browse the entire collection when you shop cycling clothing including cycling shorts and tops online at Azadea.com

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