دراجة اطفال دارك هيرو 500 حجم فريد - 16، اسود

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Ready to start cycling? We've designed this 16 bike so children aged 4.5 to 6 years, measuring from 105 to 120 cm, can learn to cycle like the big kids.

This kids' bike is designed specifically for children, with a chain guard for safety, an easy-to-mount low frame, and brakes designed for small hands. Compatible with our 16 stabilizers.

Ease of learning
The lowered frame makes it easy to get on. Compatible with our 16 stabilisers.

Brake control
Stop easy is an exclusive braking system adapted to small hands.

Ease of use
Mudguards to protect against splashes and a stand for easy storage.

Bike safety
The chain guard protects the child from the parts of the drivetrain.

Bicycles come fully assembled in the box. However, please note that bicycle pedals need tobe self-assembled. Should you need further information, please contact our customer service team by clicking on the following link and they will be happy to assist: https://www.azadea.com/en/contact-us

Stop Easy innovation a patented braking system designed for children.

More accessible brakes and a more comfortable grip are the main benefits of our Stop Easy system. For more natural movement, the brake lever is pressed parallel to the handlebars. Whilst progressive, this innovative brake lever also provides 30% more braking power compared to a conventional brake lever. An innovation from our B'Twin team, loved by both parents and children. ,

What type of braking system is equipped?

Brake efficiently thanks to the two V-brake brake pads.These brakes are composed of callipers that exert more or less pressure on the rim to slow or stop the rotation of the wheels. ,

Wheels / tyres

Tyres with an inner tube (inflatable) and knobs. Their shape gives them a good grip on everyday terrain (paths, grass, etc.). ,

Can stabilisers be added?

Yes, if your child needs them. Our 16 B'Twin stabilisers are compatible with all our bikes in this size. Practical, they can be mounted and removed from the bike without tools.,

What about comfort?

We've carefully considered children's morphology the width of the handlebars and the diameter of the grips are sized for their small hands. The foam saddle provides a comfortable seat.,

A bike that grows with the child

The saddle is height-adjustable (using a size 6 Allen key) so it can grow with your child.The saddle height can be adjusted from 48.5 and 60cm.Our bikes meet the Children's Bike standard (ISO 8098), which is why we cannot offer a tool-free (quick-release) saddle height adjustment system. ,

What is a guard for?

To prevent children from putting their fingers where they shouldn't, the mechanical elements of the drive train (crank, chain, freewheel, etc.) are surrounded by the guard. It also prevents the risk of laces getting caught and clothes being dirtied.The decorations are set into the plastic of the guard for greater durability.,

What accessories are supplied with the bike?

A bell, front and rear light, wheel reflectors (reflective parts attached to the spokes).,

Assembled product dimensions

Length 118 cmWidth 48cm Height 68.5cm,


Frame,Steel: 100

This is a large item and will be delivered by the store separately . You can schedule the delivery time and installation once the item vendor contacts you. Please note that the delivery of this item might take longer than the standard delivery time.

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Good one
Quality is not so great
Bike showing werat and tear within 4 days of purchase. Obviously, he has fallen coupe of times but what I notices that Brake lead of front leads keep coming off leading to brake pads wide apart. I was lucky that I saw this just before he was about to go down hill. Went to local store to return bike, but I was refursed return as pedal and brake level had scratch. I even told to deduct the cost of scratched part and refund remaining but was refused. Definately can get better bike in same price range. I regret made thsi prchase.
Bike for the summer
It’s the first time we brought something from you guys and it went well hopefully we will come again soon for other things
Fantastic bike!
I bought this for my four year old son and he loves it. Well thought out design: chain cover, cool covers and good extras such as lights. Bought from the store. Great service and they have it a safety check whilst we waited. I (and my son) recommend this bike whole heartedly!
Perfect bike to get started with
My youngest, 4 years old, has been on a balance bike for some time. One visit to Decathlon and he sat on this. The next visit we bought it. Took it home and within 20 minutes he was away riding independently. 1 week later and we took it back for a quick check up, and the mechanics at Decathlon Gateshead did this without any problems. Great service, great product, great bike and a very happy son who loves, really loves his bike.