سكوتر للكبار تاون9 EF V2، أزرق بترولي فاتح

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Our team designed this scooter for your daily rides over medium-range distances (from 2 to 5 km). Height: From 1.45m to 1.95 m.

Our designers have simplified your life and made it easier to get around the city. Quickly fold your scooter without bending down thanks to the EasyFold system and EasyHandle handles.

Ease of use
Folds quickly without having to bend down. Scooter weight: 7.4 kg.

Brake control
Brake easily using the handlebar brake, just like on a bike.

Front suspension, rear wheel shock absorber.

Easy transport
Easy to carry thanks to the trolley mode.

Precise handlebar height adjustment for users between 1.45 m and 1.95 m.

Front and rear mudguards.

Glide performance
2 large 200 mm PU rubber wheels.ABEC 7 bearings.Rear wheel brake.

Ergonomic grip
Thanks to the shape of the handles, which limits pressure on your hands.

Are there any particular safety precautions to take when using the Town 9 scooter

You should always wear protective equipment (helmet, knee pads and elbow pads) when scootering.Most serious accidents take place during the first few months of use so spend time learning the basics so that you can control your speed and brake in emergency situations in all weather conditions. Stop use when the ground becomes slippery.,

How do you fold/unfold the scooter

quick to fold and unfold without your hands! This is the Easyfold design.What's the trick Simply stand opposite your scooter with the frame straight in front of you and press the pedal, and your Town 9 is folded in less time than it took you to read these instructions.Just as easy for the handles. Just push the buttons to fold them. And unfold the handles in a single movement!,

Is the Oxelo Town 9 scooter suite

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15 اراء الزبائن
excellent value for money
I bought this to save the pressure on my knees. what a godsend. I love it. once you get some momentum going it can go a distance without pushing off again. gets me from a to b so much quicker than my little legs
Proper adult's scooter
Bought it recently and really enjoy it. Rolls-royce in affordable price ;) plus: Rolling really well Foldable Dual suspension Big enough wheels for (moderate) uneven and damaged surfsces Dual brake system at rear wheel drawbacks: Not good (wheel slipping) for sand covered patches (promenades on sea) Not easiest to fold at begining Bit heavy Handbrake not strongest one
Shakey handlebars
A beautiful scooter with genius suspension. I really wanted to love it but when the handlebars are extended Into place there is a terrible amount of play in them. I compared to another one in store and they too had this play. Other cheaper models were tight as a drum so it was quite unfortunate to find this design flaw in the higher end model. Attempted to secure it by adjusting the screws and components but it made no difference. It’s very rare I’ll rate a product with such a low score but for the price you’d be expect better.
Excellent scooter
I used this a lot for commuting to work so have had a lot of experience using it. For going up hills, it's difficult. However, on flat concrete it glides very well. Pros -High quality build -High handlebar -Very responsive brakes -Folding mechanism makes it suitable for storage Cons -Heavy -Not good for trails
Commuting game changer
I have an 8km relatively flat round commute each day into the city. I was about to buy an electric scooter when I discovered they're actually illegal for public use and can land you a fine and 6 points on your driving license. After some research I decided to go for this kick scooter as they're allowed on pavements if used responsibly. I went for this model for the dual suspension and it's been worth every penny. I've taken it to work each day in all sorts of weather and surfaces. It's halved my commute time and is way more fun than walking. When I get to the office it folds quickly without getting my hands dirty and can be stored under my desk.