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Bike Brakes


Cyclists need to have the best brakes for their bike in order to prevent accidents from unexpected predicaments. Check out an unreal selection of bike maintenance products when you buy a range of Bicycle Brakes online at Azadea.com. Shop everything from brake bleeding kits and brake levers, to bike brake pads and more when you add some of the latest brake equipment to your arsenal.


Azadea's bicycle brake collection features high-quality V-Brake Aluminium Levers, Mineral Oil Disk Bleeding Kit and V-Brake Calliper all designed to help you cycle in confidence. The Disk Bleeding Brake kit allows your breaks to perform smoother, giving you the best bicycle brake service of all time. Meanwhile, the V-Brake Levers are specially designed for hybrid bikes with V-Brake Callipers, so be sure to check out the descriptions to carefully consider what may be the best product for you.


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Bike Brakes FAQs


What are the different types of bike brakes?


The different types of bike brakes that can be used on your bicycle are disc brakes, rim brakes and drum brakes.


Which is better disc brakes or rim brakes?


Depending upon your needs, either disc brakes or rim brakes may be suitable. For better braking, disc brakes tend to be more reliable as it applies force on the middle of the wheel. On the other hand, rim brakes apply force on the outer edge, so tend to be less fast.