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Discover a wide range of hiking sunglasses designed to optimize your vision without ever compromising on style. Browse through a selection of hiking accessories from top name brands like Quechua sold exclusively online at Azadea.com. Whether you’re muscling your way through the wind, battling harsh and extreme weather or need some protection from the sun, take care of your eyes with Azadea’s collection of hiking sunglasses.


Since your eyes are among various other body parts that can get adversely affected by UV rays, purchasing a pair of signature shades is absolutely essential. At Azadea UAE, we offer a number of practical accessories designed to make your life that little bit easier. Our range of hiking glasses are customized to cater to every need of an experienced hiker like you. The sunglasses in our range are built to last with high quality raw materials that will also provide an engaging view for you. The polarised lenses guarantee no glare or painful shine in the corner of your eye and keep things clear as far as vision is concerned. The temple tips are made of material that ensure gentleness, comfort and make sure that the glasses don’t slide. The wrap-around shape also makes sure that everything is a perfect fit and no light or foreign material enters your eyes from even the sides. All Quechua hiking glasses have an Anti-UV lens to protect your eyes with a wrap around shape that ensures the best and most comfortable fit! In addition, you can buy  Quechua kids hiking glasses to help keep your little ones protected against any kind of harmful rays. 


Shop for all of your camping and hiking equipment online at Azadea.com. Buy everything from hiking backpacks to store your shades when they’re not in use, to hiking clothing, footwear and accessories to really refresh your collection with the latest gear.

35 Products Available