The best trekking backpacks are lightweight and waterproof and do not add stress to the shoulders, so explore the collection here at and make your trip to the great outdoors, a pleasant experience. Browse our big and small trekking bags in various colors and features according to your needs. Select our waterproof tracking bag to keep your belonging dry around water. Shop now and enjoy our great prices.

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If you’ve got the travel bug, then you’ll probably know that having the proper storage can really amp up the quality of your trips. Not only that, it can help you carry more efficiently without making you feel too tired. At, you can discover a whole range of hiking backpacks and bags to help you optimise your next camping or hiking trip.


Azadea UAE delivers a range of storage backpacks that are built to let you carry more and carry smart. The list of products offers trekking backpacks for all occasions and events, from walking to camping. With products from your favourite brands like Quechua and Forclaz available, these sturdy hiking accessories can be your ultimate hiking companions. All backpacks allow for excellent comfort and space optimization. Small hiking backpacks are also available that will be great hiking buddies for your little ones. The bags have multiple pockets so that you can enjoy maximum functionality when traveling outdoors.


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If you love the feel of a conventional hiking backpacking bag, then you're guaranteed to find storage bags perfect for you. Coming in a pack of 2 to provide you storage space of up to 90 L, it has comfortable shoulder straps, meaning you can also easily carry it around with ergonomic weight distribution. They are waterproof with a 2000 Schmerber rating. Also, drawstring bags are available if you’re looking for a lighter alternative. To protect your trekking backpack from rain, you can buy highly efficient waterproof rain covers that can turn your regular bag into a waterproof one!


Whatever you’re searching for this season, be sure to shop a whole range of hiking gar sold exclusively at With a selection of hiking clothing, including jackets and pants, as well as essential hiking footwear, you’ll always be prepared.