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If you’re looking for a great pair of hiking pants, then look no further than Azadea’s collection of hiking clothing for comfortable, functional and protective hiking gear. If you have ever been hiking, you would agree that the right clothing is necessary and can completely revolutionize the experience. If you are looking for some best-in-business clothing to sport when you next go camping or hiking, Azadea.com has got you covered.


Discover Azadea’s elaborate range of hiking pants crafted from premium materials to ensure supreme quality, comfort and durability. The pants have been manufactured with various fabrics like polyamide, polyester, elastane and cotton, making them perfect for the great outdoors. Produced by industry-giants like Simond, Quechua and Forclaz, these pants offer great mobility and functionality. These pants are a result of various technologies like the ripstop weave and UV filters. The ripstop weave ensures that even if your garment tears a little, it doesn’t go on to fully rip. The UV filter works to protect you against harmful rays that can cause problems like rashes and irritation.  


The hiking pants at Azadea also feature zip-off convertible pants which can be turned into shorts- thanks to a simple zipping mechanism. The best part? You can do that without taking your hiking shoes off! With a number of spacious pockets and storage options, these pants offer a great alternative for when your hiking backpack becomes a little too heavy. The stretchable fabric on these pants allows you absolute freedom of movement and offer amazing breathability. Combine these with one of Azadea’s hiking shirts or hiking jackets for an unbeatable hiking outfit. Shop all your latest hiking gear online at Azadea.com.