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Whether you’re strolling through the city or hiking in the alps, hiking hats are always an outdoor essential. When hiking, hats can do more than just up your style quotient; they are effective protection for your head and add warmth, particularly when walking in cooler temperatures. At Azadea.com, we offer a number of hiking hats designed to make your camping and hiking trips that little bit more cosy. If you’re looking for a nice protective hat that never goes out of style, Azadea UAE has got you covered.


Discover a range of hats exclusively at Azadea.com and buy products from industry giants such as Forclaz. These hats have been specifically curated to provide you with utmost comfort on your walks. Made of the finest materials such as high quality polyamide, these hats employ the Ripstop weave to ensure great durability and an anti-tear nature. Not to mention, these will also keep your head dry for upto 2 hours in case of an unprecedented shower as you tread along. The Forclaz Waterproof Mountain Trekking Hat has a 3 layer fabric that means better durability and better protection for your head. The products in this range also qualify for the UV- protective labels, so no harm can be posed to you by any harmful rays. The laser perforations on the top ensure passage of air and vapourization of the moisture. The lightweight nature and the breathability of the hats makes them great products for humid conditions. The material wicks off any perspiration and moisture generated by the wearer’s head. And when it’s not needed, your trekking hat can be easily stored in your tent or hiking backpack.


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