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Explore a range of the best camping shelters when you shop online at Azadea.com. Camping and hiking with your whole group is the most fun, which is why it’s essential to make your trip even more comfortable with the best equipment sold online at Azadea.com. Whether it’s enjoying nature together or you’re engaging in a solo hike, Azadea UAE brings to you its range of camping tents and hiking shelters for all of your needs.


Azadea’s collection of shelters have been ergonomically designed to give the users the full experience of camping. These shelters maximize space and give you a nice, safe place to hang out with upto 6 people! The portable shelters simulate a living room environment in your camp and can protect from wind or rain. Pair them with our camping furniture and cookware, and enjoy the home-like aura to your living space. If you’re camping alone, or with a partner, we also offer smaller makeshift shelters that you can use to wait out tough weather. These shelters are very stable and even allow you for a quick meal. The Quechua 2Seconds technology products make sure that you have ease of use and a quick assembly on all products.


Azadea UAE offers top of the range products that enable you to have a truly unforgettable outdoor experience. Talking about safety, the Quechua Arpenaz Base M comes with UPF 30 fabric which protects you from harmful rays of the sun. The windows have an easily installable mosquito net so that your time in the shelter is comfortable. The products also provide great protection against rains and the wind- thanks to their waterproof fabric and sturdy build. The products also come with a warranty. Azadea UAE offers free installation and assembly for the shelters.


At Azadea UAE, we believe in making your hiking and camping experiences better and safer. Shop online now at Azadea.com and recruit your latest camping equipment.