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Base layers help regulate your kid's body temperature without them feeling too cold or too hot, which is why Azadea UAE offers a range of base layers for kids. Designed to prevent your kids from getting hot and sweaty when they play outdoors, base layers can be a comfortable solution for keeping warm. 


While you may think that all kids need are warm coats and good winter boots to hang outside during winter, that's not always the case. In fact, staying warm begins at the bottom, and thanks to Azadea’s incredible collection, you can buy the best layers for your kids. At Azadea.com, our kids’ base layers are built with only one objective: to keep their bearers warm and happy, even if it's freezing out there. After making their way through dozens of layers on routine trail runs, Azadea's designers have picked the Freshwarm Base Layers as their best contender in the base layers game. These layers meet all the criteria of a  good base layer breathability, durability, fantastic wicking, and comfort. The sleeves are of sufficient length and fit well at the torso giving a strong sense of style and smoothness. 


Azadea's base layers are made out of polyester, known for adding extra durability, minimizing odors, and absorbing moisture. They can be worn comfortably under kids’ tops or jackets and offer support when cold out. This also makes them perfect for winter sports such as skiing as well as team sports like football, allowing your child to benefit from the breathable yoke present on the back makes it a perfect partner for your skiing and snow hiking adventures. Considering such a compact and lightweight fabric, this kid’s base layer offers excellent warmth. Explore the whole collection when you shop online at Azadea.com.