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Browse a wide collection of trendy and long-lasting fleeces for all of your outdoor activities when you shop online at Azadea.com. Offering a variety of thermal jackets and fleeces promising a comfortable and affordable solution to your sporting needs, Azadea UAE has a number of incredible products to choose from. Discover best selling products from top name brands like Quechua, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit you.


Explore a selection of polyester fleeces that have been dominating the winter wear market and still delivering cozy warmth to campers and skiers alike. Whether you’re heading on a hiking or camping adventure and want to layer a fleece under your hiking jacket, or you’re wanting to wear a breathable piece of fabric when running, Azadea UAE has you covered. If you're looking for a stylish fleece that keeps you warm and makes you look cool at the same time, look no further than Azadea’s collection of men’s sports clothing. With good fleeces comes great flexibility, and Azadea's mountain walking fleeces have this in spades. Wear it over a shirt in autumn, or layer it under a rain jacket or windbreaker during winter to seriously make the most out of this versatile piece. What levels up this game is the product's resistance towards weather, durability without compromising with breathability. In addition, Azadea.com features fleeces that are well equipped with two hand zip pockets sewn to the sides to seal your belongings and your palms from cold. The fleeces are designed in such a way that they trap the air inside, making it work as a natural insulator, thus delivering ample warmth.


All of Azadea’s fleeces can be worn with any pair of pants, shorts, tops and jackets in your wardrobe and are the ultimate addition to any winter sporting vacation. Finish the look with must-have men’s accessories including hats, gloves and scarves to really keep warm this season.