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Our design teams developed this product for learning to play tennis on and off the court, on your own or with others.

With the Ball is Back tennis trainer, you or your kids can start learning to play tennis. Test the boomerang effect alone or with friends.

Weighted base (1 litre) for guaranteed stability on hard ground.

Tennis ball and elastic band offering the perfect rebound for learning tennis

A sturdy base that's perfect for use outdoors.


Polypropylene base that can be weighted with water or sand,


4 m-long rubber band for a rebound speed that's just right for learning to play tennis. Polyester sheath for better durability,


Pressureless ball for optimal comfort when striking for learning to play tennis. Bounce designed for hard outdoor surfaces.,


Base,Polyethylene: 100
Structure,Rubber - Synthetic: 85,Polyamide: 5,Wool: 10
Elastic band,Rubber - Synthetic: 100

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15 اراء الزبائن
Surprisingly good!
After I broke my leg, regaining mobility has been a bit of a challenge. I usually try to get some time to myself on the basketball court. But if both ends of the basketball court are ‘rammed’, I can still get some exercise in by using the ‘ball is back’ trainer in the middle of the court, safe in the knowledge that it won’t interfere with the people shooting hoops. It takes about 15 minutes after first unpacking to get the ball and the elastic to ‘bed-in’. After that, despite the issues with flexibility in my leg, I found it really easy to get some kind of rally going. There’s a translucent rubber bung in the recess that can be removed to allow the base to be filled with water or sand. Water seemed to messy, and it’s pointless buying sand in such small quantities. Instead, i filled the base with about 750g of household salt. Wearing rubber gloves, I then permanently sealed in the rubber bung with superglue. There’s another, smaller hole with a plastic bung that is adjacent to the rubber bung. I sealed this with superglue too. So, for the money, I can’t fault it. It keeps me moving. I also enjoy knocking a baseball/ softball around. Maybe decathlon could sell a baseball/ softball on an elastic string that can be attached to a batting tee? Graphite baseball bats would be cool too… But this tennis trainer has surpassed my expectations, so I’m perfectly happy with that.
Great training tool.
Great training tool.
Ball does not return to you easily.
Difficult to use, especially for the kids.
Not easy for children, maybe better for teenagers
Hard to manage how long the string to fit child’s play
just buy the string n ball and tie anywhere
string easily get off d base