خيوط مضرب التنس أحادية الشعيرات ت.أ 960 سُمك 1.25 مم - أسود

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Created by our designers for advanced players who break strings in under 10 hours of play and are looking for good spin and durability.

These TA 960 Control 1.25 mm tennis strings give you good control and excellent durability.

Directional control
Feeling of control thanks to the new material composition

The materials let you give the ball plenty of energy.

Good durability thanks to their monofilament composition and their gauge

The 1.25 mm gauge and the surface give the ball good spin.

Durable string tension
Maintains good string tension for up to 3 months of use.

Which tension is best

Moderate tension (18 kg to 23 kg) offers more comfort, spin and power. The flip side is that you'll have less control and accuracy.High tension (>23 kg) provides greater control and accuracy. It can, however, lead to tendinitis. You will also have less spin and power.,


For monofilament strings, Decathlon recommends a tension of between 19 kg and 22 kg. We strongly recommend against using monofilament strings for children under 15 to avoid injury. These strings are best for players who break strings in under 10 hours of play because they quickly lose their tension.,

About multifilaments

For multifilament strings, Decathlon recommends a maximum tension of 25 kg. These strings are recommended for people who are prone to tendinitis, youngsters, and people who don't break their strings often. Multifilament strings keep the

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